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Dr. Salmai Qari

Wissenschaftlicher Referent

Telefon: +49-89-24246-5262
Fax: +49-89-24246-5299

Raum: M 607a



Social Policy, Welfare State, Political Economy, Empirical Methods


Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang:

Since 2009: Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance (formerly, MPI for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law) and Associated Research Fellow at Social Science Research Center Berlin

2006 – 2009: Research Fellow at Social Science Research Center Berlin

Since 10/2006: PhD candidate in Economics, Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics & Management Science

2005 – 2006: Risk Controller (Credit Risk Modelling) at Sparkassen Rating- und Risikosysteme GmbH, Berlin and KfW Bankengruppe, Frankfurt

1999 – 2005: Studies in Communication Systems Engineering and Economics (MSc Economics 2005)



Aktuelle Publikationen:

Myck, M., Ochmann, R. und Qari, S., 2011. Dynamics in transitory and permanent variation of wages in Germany. Economics Letters, 113(2).

Konrad, K. A. und Qari, S., 2012. The last refuge of a scoundrel? Patriotism and tax compliance. Economica, 79(315), S. 516-533.

Qari, S., Geys, B. und Konrad, K. A. Patriotism, taxation and international mobility. Public Choice, im Erscheinen.

Büning, H. und Qari, S., 2006. Power of one-sample Location tests under distributions with equal Lévy distance. Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 35(3), S. 531-545.




Konrad, K. A., Lohse, T. und Qari, S. Compliance and the power of imagination. Working Paper of the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance No. 2011-18.
URL: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1971605

Hofmann, D. und Qari, S. The law of attraction - bilateral search and horizontal heterogeneity.

Qari, S. Marriage, adaptation and happiness: are there long-lasting gains to marriage?.




Einführung in verteilungsfreie Verfahren (Sommersemester 2013)

Einführung in verteilungsfreie Verfahren (Sommersemester 2012)