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Dr. Mariana Lopes da Fonseca

Senior Research Fellow

Phone: +49-89-24246-5253
Fax: +49-89-24246-5299
Mail: mariana.lopes-da-fonseca@tax.mpg.de

Room: M8.604

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Areas of Interest:

Political Economy, Public Economics


Academic Résumé:

Since 2016: Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance

2013 – 2016: Ph.D. Candidate in Economics (summa cum laude), University of Göttingen

2015 – 2016: Research Associate, University of Siegen

2012 – 2015: Research Associate, University of Gottingen

2010 – 2012: Double Degree Master Program in Economics: M.Sc. Financial Economics (LUISS Guido Carli) and M.Sc. Economics (NOVA School of Business and Economics)

2010: Research Assistant, Economic Analysis and Forecasting Department, Portuguese Ministry of Economics

2007 – 2010: B.Sc. Economics, NOVA School of Business and Economics


Personal Website:


Academic Prizes / Honours / Memberships etc.:

Wicksell Prize of the European Journal of Political Economy and the European Public Choice Society for the paper "Candid Lame Ducks" (2016)

Journal Articles:

Lopes da Fonseca, M. , 2017.  Identifying the source of incumbency advantage through a constitutional reform.  American Journal of Political Science , 61(3), pp.  657 -670
Baskaran, T.  and  Lopes da Fonseca, M. , 2016.  Electoral thresholds and political representation.  Public Choice , 169(1), pp.  117 -136
Baskaran, T.  and  Lopes da Fonseca, M. , 2016.  Electoral competition and endogenous political institutions: Quasi-experimental evidence from Germany.  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization , 122, pp.  43 -61
Baskaran, T.  and  Lopes da Fonseca, M. , 2014.  The economics and empirics of tax competition: A survey and lessons for the EU.  Erasmus Law Review , 7(1)

Working papers:

Baskaran, T.  and  Lopes da Fonseca, M. , Appointed public officials and local favoritism: evidence from the German States.  Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance Working Paper No. 2017-09. 


Lopes da Fonseca, M. , Tax mimicking in local business taxation: quasi-experimental evidence from Portugal.  Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance Working Paper No. 2017-08. 


Lopes da Fonseca, M. , Candid lame ducks.  CESifo Working Paper Series No. 5773. 
Lopes da Fonseca, M. , Political determinants of municipal accounts: Quasi-experimental evidence from Portugal.  CEGE Discussion Papers 238, University of Gottingen. 
Lopes da Fonseca, M.  and  Baskaran, T. , Re-evaluating the economic costs of conflicts.  CEGE Discussion Papers 246, University of Gottingen. 


Theory and Politics of International Taxation (M.A. level, University of Göttingen, Summer 2014/15)

The Political Economy of Federalism (M.A. level, University of Göttingen, Winter 2014/15)

Empirical Political Economics (M.A. level, University of Göttingen, Winter 2013/14/15)

Public Economics and Beyond (B.A. level, University of Göttingen, Winter 2013/14)

Empirical Public Economics (B.A. level, University of Göttingen, Sommer 2013)

The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy (M.A. level, University of Göttingen, Winter 2012/13)