Max Planck Economics Podcast: Social Media and the Survival of Autocracies

Does the Internet and social media enable more communication and organisation between citizens than authoritarian regimes can bear? Or do they merely lead to new forms of censorship?

In a new episode of the Max Planck Economics Podcast, Galina Zudenkova, Professor of Economics at the Technical University of Dortmund, talks about her latest research on the interactions between technological change, political protest and censorship by authoritarian regimes.




Reading material on the podcast episode

Maxim Ananyev, Dimitrios Xefteris, Galina Zudenkova, and Maria Petrova. Information and Communication Technologies, Protests, and Censorship.

Working Paper (SSRN)

Galina Zudenkova. Electoral Accountability and Interdistrict Competition, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 10 (2018), 143-176.

PDF (AEA members)

Marta Curto-Grau and Galina Zudenkova. Party Discipline and Government Spending: Theory and Evidence, Journal of Public Economics 164 (2018), 139-152.

PDF (Science direct)

Galina Zudenkova. Political Cronyism, Social Choice and Welfare 44 (2015), 473-492.

PDF (Springer Link)

Galina Zudenkova. A Political Agency Model of Coattail Voting, Journal of Public Economics 95 (2011), 1652-1660.

PDF (Science direct)


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