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Head of the Library:

Name Phone Mail Room
Peter Weber, M.A. (LIS) +49-89-24246-200 peter.weber@tax.mpg.de M1.E12


Name Phone Mail Room
Jakica Caganic +49-89-24246-210 jakica.caganic@ip-tax.mpg.de M1.E20
Dipl. Bibl. Petra Golombek +49-89-24246-5402/-5403 petra.golombek@tax.mpg.de M8.Bib
Dipl.-Bibl. Sonja Hirschmüller +49-89-24246-209 sonja.hirschmueller@tax.mpg.de M1.E19
Maria Klimm, B.A. +49-89-24246-5402 maria.klimm@tax.mpg.de M8.Bib
Dipl. Bibl. Elke List +49-89-24246-201 elke.list@tax.mpg.de M1.E18
Claudia Metz +49-89-24246-216 claudia.metz@tax.mpg.de M1.E14
Marcus Noack +49-89-24246-202 marcus.noack@tax.mpg.de M1.E13
Stefan Nowak +49-89-24246-323 stefan.nowak@tax.mpg.de M1.E14
Dipl. Bibl. Sabine Schmotz +49-89-24246-203 sabine.schmotz@tax.mpg.de M1.E22
Sabrina Sirek +49-89-24246-206 sabrina.sirek@tax.mpg.de M1.E16


Name Phone Mail Room
Alexander Geiß +49-89-24246-222 alexander.geiss@tax.mpg.de M1.Bib
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