Opportunity Makes Thieves? Those Who Want to Cheat also Seek the Chance

An economic study shows that dishonest people consciously choose situations in which they can cheat.

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Prize for Deborah Fries' Dissertation

Deborah Fries has been awarded the Science and Research Prize of the Hamburger Kreis für Sanierungs– und Insolvenzrecht for her dissertation on "fiscal privilege".

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"Wolfgang Schön Distinguished Lecture" of the EATLP

Professor Charles Gustafson delivered the "Wolfgang Schön Distinguished Lecture" at the 23rd Congress of the Association of European Tax Law Professors (EATLP).

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Caroline Heber is awarded the Wolfgang Gassner Academic Prize

PD Dr Caroline Heber MTax (Sydney) has been awarded the 2021 Wolfgang Gassner Academic Prize (the main prize category) for her postdoctoral thesis “Enhanced Cooperation and European Taxation”, which she completed at the MPI for...

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International Women's Day: Four questions for...

Marking International Women's Day, the economists Lisa Windsteiger and Raisa Sherif of the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance talk about their work, about the challenges of becoming a researcher and what the...

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