Contests & Conflict | 20.09.2023 | 17:00
Support Networks in Contests

Referent: Anastasia Antsygina

Date & Time: Los Angeles (8 am), Cincinnati (11 am), Bath (4 pm), Munich (5 pm), Beijing (11 pm), Singapore (11 pm), Sydney (September 21, 1 am)

Anastasia Antsygina will present the paper titled "Support Networks in Contests" (joint work with Mariya Teteryatnikova).

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Abstract of the Paper:
We study how three heterogenous agents form a support network in the face of bilateral conflict. With a positive probability, each agent engages in a contest game, which we model as an all-pay auction with complete information, against one of his peers. Before the contest, the agents can create a network to support each other. Forming a link is costly but results in direct (effort cost reduction) and indirect (joy of winning) benefits. We show that a pairwise stable network always exists, and complete network is never in this set. The exact number of links being formed depends on the size of indirect benefits. In particular, a network with two links is pairwise stable if and only if indirect benefits are large enough. Finally, a pairwise stable  network is generally inefficient and can display either underinvest or overinvest in the links. 

Chair: Subhasish Chowdhury, Co-Chair: Kai A. Konrad


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