Under Which Conditions May I Use the Library?

The library of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition and the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance is open to all users with an academic interest in the Institutes’ respective research areas. Prerequisites for using the library are prior registration and participation in a library tour.


May I Order the Library’s Literature through an Inter-Library Loan, or Ask for Copies?

The library of both Max Planck Institutes is a reference library and is not connected to inter-library loans. Furthermore, it is not possible to fulfil copy requests. In addition, due to licensing terms, the library’s electronic information offering is only available to authorised library users.


How Do I Search for Literature Available in the Library?

All literature available in the library is listed in our catalogue. You will find more detailed help on the library’s entire information offerings at literature search or answers to individual questions at “How do I find …”.


How Do I Find the Location of a Book?

When you have found a title in our catalogue, you can determine the location from the call number. The call number is displayed in the hit list or the full view of a title.

In this regard, please note the following:

You will find literature with the location “Innovation and Competition” on the ground floor and/or the basement of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition at Marstallplatz 1. You will find literature with the locations “Tax Law” or “Public Finance” at Marstallstr. 8. You will find the literature of the MIPLC in the basement of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition.

You will find the desired title in the library within the shelf classification.

Shelf Classification of the Innovation and Competition Library
Shelf Classification of the collection “Business and Tax Law”
Shelf Classification of the collection “Public Finance”
Shelf Classification of the MIPLC library

The listings of literature in the library “Innovation and Competition”, in the library “Tax Law and Public Finance” and in the MIPLC library are based on a categorisation according to countries or groups of countries. You will find the corresponding country codes here.


How Can I Search for Literature According to Content Criteria?

Since mid-2008, the tables of contents of all new books of the library have been scanned and indexed in full text for searches in our catalogue. You may use this function by selecting the search field “Contents” and adding the text in the search field. Currently approx. 26,000 tables of contents are available for searching.

The literature of the library “Innovation and Competition” is also accessible with regard to content based on a classification system (only in German).


May I Borrow Books or Journals?

The library is a reference library. Only academics and scholarship holders who have an office in one of the Institutes may borrow media for their offices. The regulations of the library’s terms of use apply to these persons. The library’s guests who were assigned a locker for the duration of their stay may borrow media and store it in their locker. Removing media from the building is not permitted under any circumstances.


How Can I Tell if a Book Has Been Borrowed, and What Can I Do in This Case?

Whether or not a book is borrowable is shown in our catalogue in full view mode, in the column exemplar status. If an entry is listed as “For Loan” and “On Shelf” (the latter in the due date column), the book may be borrowed. If you see a date there, then the book is checked out until this date. Should you require a borrowed book prior to the end of the loan period, then you may have a reservation made at the library’s information desk. The book will be available for you within a few days.


What Can I Do if Literature Is Unavailable in the Library?

If you are unable to find needed literature in either print or electronic form in the library, then it is possible to borrow books from the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek) or to order books via inter-library loan. You may order articles via the service subito. You may also submit an acquisition request at any time.


May I Access the Library’s Electronic Information Offerings from My Laptop?

As long as you have been assigned a locker due to the length of your stay, internet access may be set up for you. You will have access, within the Institute, to available information and databases. In this regard, please contact the library’s information desk.


May I Receive Internet Access for My Laptop?

Day guests may receive a user ID and password from the library’s information desk, in order to connect to the WLAN. This data changes at the beginning of each week. This connection does not allow you to access the Institute’s database offerings.


What Equipment Is Available at the Library?

All workspaces are equipped with an electrical outlet.
In addition, each library has several search PCs, which provide access to our catalogue and to our licensed databases.
Furthermore printers are available to you to print out search results.
Copy machines with scanning capability are available in each library. To use the copy machines, you must purchase a copier card. Copier cards are available from the vending machine in the foyer of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition.