International Public Economics WS23/24
Date: 02/19/2024 - 03/01/2024
Time: 14:00 - 18:00
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Kai A. Konrad

Block course consisting of lectures and classes on a graduate level aiming at Master and PhD students.

Die Europäische Reformdebatte - Anmerkungen aus der europapolitischen Praxis
Date: 03/07/2024
Time: 18:35 - 20:00
Speaker: Dr. Uwe Corsepius

Current Publications

The collective security dilemma of preemptive strikes

Kai A Konrad

The study examines pre-emptive strikes in conflicts with several potential attackers and targets. How does the order in which the attackers are neutralised affect the strategy and motivation of the defenders?

Published: European Journal of Operational Research, 313(3), 1191-1199

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Dominance and Technology War

Kai A. Konrad

The research paper analyses the technology race between the USA and China and discusses various policy options for smaller countries such as Germany.

Published: European Journal of Political Economy, 102493

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The Law between Objectivity and Power

Philip M. Bender (ed.)

Is law an instrument of the powerful or – on the contrary – an objective reality that limits power?

Published: Nomos, 2022, 477 p.

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Elusive Effects of Oil and Gas Embargoes

Kai A. Konrad and Marcel Thum

The flow of forgone revenues of an oil or gas exporter turns out to be a poor and conceptually flawed indicator of the damage imposed on the embargoed country. This is due to the specific logic of markets for depletable natural resources. Kai A. Konrad and Marcel Thum study the effectiveness of oil and gas export embargoes, and focus also on the case of autocratically governed countries.

Published: Working Paper of the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance No. 2022-05.

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Taxing Profit in a Global Economy

Michael P. Devereux, Alan J. Auerbach, Michael Keen, Paul Oosterhuis, Wolfgang Schön, and John Vella

Written by a group of leading tax specialists across law and economics, "Taxing Profit in a Global Economy" addresses fundamental issues of principle and practice in the taxation of business profit and the allocation of taxing rights over such profit among countries.

Published: Oxford, 2021, Oxford University Press, 370 pages

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