Contests & Conflict | 11/09/2022 | 03:00 PM
Optimal Contests with Incomplete Information and Convex Effort Costs

Speaker: Mengxi Zhang

Date & Time: Los Angeles (6 am), Cincinnati (9 am), Bath (2 pm), Munich (3 pm), Beijing (10 pm), Singapore (10 pm), Sydney (November 10, 1 am)

Mengxi Zhang will present the paper titled "Optimal Contests with Incomplete Information and Convex Effort Costs".

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Abstract of the Paper:
I investigate the design of effort-maximizing mechanisms when agents have both private information and convex effort costs, and the designer has a fixed prize budget. I first demonstrate that it is always optimal for the designer to utilize a contest with as many participants as possible. Further, I identify a necessary and sufficient condition for the winner-takes-all prize structure to be optimal. When this condition fails, the designer may prefer to award multiple prizes of descending sizes. I also provide a characterization of the optimal prize allocation rule for this case. Finally, I illustrate how the optimal prize distribution evolves as the contest size grows.

Chair: Qiang Fu, Co-Chair: Tracy Liu and Lionel Page

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