Contests & Conflict | 01/11/2023 | 05:00 PM
Party Politics: A Contest Perspective

Speaker: Marco Sahm

Date & Time: Los Angeles (8 am), Cincinnati (11 am), Bath (4 pm), Munich (5 pm), Beijing (January 12, 12 am), Singapore (January 12, 12 am), Sydney (January 12, 3 am)

Marco Sahm will present the paper titled "Party Politics: A Contest Perspective".

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Abstract of the Paper:
Intra-party contests, such as the US primaries, are often used to select a candidate for a subsequent cross-party election. A more accurate selection may improve the quality of the candidate but detract more resources from the subsequent campaign. We model this trade-off as a problem of contest design and show that polarized accuracy levels are optimal: maximum accuracy if the potential candidates are sufficiently heterogeneous, and a highly random selection otherwise. Our results shed light upon the paradox of boundedly democratic party structures.

Chair: Dan Kovenock, Co-Chair: Iryna Topolyan

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