Testmonials From Former Doctoral Students

Prof. Dr. Christian Kersting, LL.M. (Yale)
Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf

"The Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance offers a superb working environment. The library is exceptionally well-equipped and provides great facilities, not just for those researching on tax law, but also for those interested in civil and corporate law. From the work space, to the opportunity to receive funding for conference participation and research trips, and beyond – the Institute’s features are simply ideal. But the most decisive factor for me was the intellectually stimulating environment. Professor Schön knows how to create an atmosphere in which productive discussions with other academics are not just the ideal but the reality. This is evident in exciting collaborative research projects that thrive on such cooperation. At the same time, there is both an unusual amount of freedom and sufficient time to pursue your own research project, whether a dissertation or a postdoctoral thesis (Habilitation). I truly enjoyed my time at MPI!"

Dr. Christina Palmes
Siemens AG

"Thanks to a doctoral fellowship, I was able to complete my dissertation at the Institute in the department led by Professor Schön, under the best circumstances a doctoral student possibly could ask for. That includes not only personal office space near the fully stocked library, but above all the support of Professor Schön, who also provides informal advice and assistance as part of daily life at the Institute. Professional and personal exchanges with other members of the institute were particularly enriching, resulting in close friendships that are maintained through our alumni association. In my current capacity as a legal advisor for the areas of stock corporation, capital market, and takeover law, I continue to profit from the thorough analyses of issues of corporate and takeover law that were an essential part of my dissertation.

Dr. Tobias Beuchert, LL.M. (Harvard)
Lawyer, Tax Consultant, Attorney at Law (New York)

"My time at MPI exemplified internationality. During my two years as a research fellow, I was able to take part in conferences in places as diverse as India and Sweden. I also helped to organize several events attended by a very international group of participants at the Institute here in Munich. The lively exchange of ideas with other doctoral students and visiting scholars from many jurisdictions has continued after graduation. At least once a year the Institute’s alumni association comes together for a large symposium, which cultivates contacts with those who set off around the world (again) after their time in Munich."

Dr. Cornelia Lorenz, LL.M. (Columbia)
Judge at the Tax Court Berlin-Brandenburg

"When thinking back on my Ph.D. studies at the Max Plank Institute for Tax Law, I recall many meetings and lively debates with colleagues and guests. It’s rare to have the opportunity to exchange ideas with so many academics from different countries on a daily basis. This gave me the opportunity to question my research work in the field of European tax law from different angles, resulting in unique ideas for my thesis. At the Institute I also found close friends."

Dr. Stefan Mayer, LL.M. (LSE)
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

"I have fond memories of my time as a doctoral student at MPI. The Institute provided the ideal environment for my dissertation: a very well-equipped library, many colleagues with whom I could discuss my work as well as other interesting topics, and of course Professor Schön, who, as my supervisor, gave me the freedom to work on my thesis, but was there when needed and open for quetstions and discussions. During my Ph.D. studies at Max Planck, I was able to focus merely on my doctoral thesis.

In addition, the alumni association provides the Institute’s current doctoral students with contacts to many former fellows and employees, who work in academia, in legal and tax-related professions, in administration, and in courts, both in Germany and abroad. Among the members of the alumni association, doctoral students are sure to find a contact with professional experience or an expert on a foreign legal system for every subject."

Dr. Marion Hombach
Federal Ministry of Finance, Directorate for State and Constitutional Law

"The Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance was a wonderful place to meet and exchange ideas with doctoral students from around the world. The staff members of the Institute’s extremely well-equipped library were friendly, competent, and always ready to help whenever I needed literature that was not easily accessible. The focused and collegial environment was very beneficial to the progress of my work."


Dr. Chiara Balbinot

"The Max Planck Institute offers an excellent library and a separate workplace for each member of staff. This not only simplifies the organisation of scientific work, but also enables exchange with other scientists from Germany and abroad. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to take part in national and international conferences and to give presentations there myself."